Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work Demo

I am creating a Stakepool and wanted to create an interactive Demo between Proof of Stake and Proof of Work blockchains if there is someone who would like to try or review my demo i would be very happy for all kind of feedback.

Hey @Marco_Jakob
that is an very nice idea. i like it :+1:

In the proof of work section is one thing that is confusing:
If I try out some block inputs then sometime the following or the block itself gets mined (green).
So for an beginner that could be confusing.

I would suggest, that the script behind the hashrate calculation only starts when i click on the word mining, just because the block doesnt get an Hashrate before it get mined. Maybe you also could code an hashrate difficulty in this script, that any options shows that with higher difficulty it also gets harder to mine.

But in the overall its an nice comparisation, with some UI-Updates it could very great to explain this thing to some newbies. :smiley:

Hi @Jonny22 Thank you very much for your review.

Good point, it is indeed to likely that a Block is green randomly because i have set the Hashverification valid if it starts with one “0”.
I could increase this to a double 0 at the start then the likelyhood of randomly get into a green Block will decrease by a lot. Therefore it takes longer to mint a block as you said a variable difficulty would show this circumstance even better. I will take this up as a new input property :wink:

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