protocolParamUTxOCostPerByte Error when trying to build transaction in 1.35.3 cli

I’m doing some testing and ran into the following error:

cardano-cli: toBabbagePParams: must specify protocolParamUTxOCostPerByte
CallStack (from HasCallStack):
error, called at src/Cardano/Api/ProtocolParameters.hs:1588:3 in cardano-api-1.35.3-inplace:Cardano.Api.ProtocolParameters

The build command on preprod was:

cardano-cli transaction build --babbage-era --out-file --testnet-magic 1 --tx-in 84d29fb640bcb1e78a743fd5b200ad3167019e4b85533ca16b77e562871ced21#0 --tx-out addr_test1vqmza8pwyv3f456q3x4ck3ea5029kecvre60adj6ry2exagvmnkcu+30000000 --change-address=addr_test1vqyk97s9s75fycjpq742ge92x9jwfqmajpdx3ff9hdxx9eqlxt2l6

Did some searching and could not find a clear representation of how to address this. I’m using the config files from Environments - The Cardano Book

Edit: For reference, I’m working with a simple full node config (just cardano-node and cardano-cli), and this was not an error with the previous Vasil versions, so I’m thinking there’s an additional step I’ll need to perform regarding either my config files or the build overall?

Could it be, because PreProd has not been forked to Babbage/Vasil?

The new protocol parameters will probably only be there after the fork.

Does it work on Preview?


Ah, that may be exactly the issue, I’ll check that…

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Okay, twas my oversight of which network I needed to be on and which flags I should include, works fine with Preview, thank you for your reply!