Question about gLiveview

Hello -

Does the number of Tip (diff) matter when attempting to mint a block? Does it need to be green :slight_smile: in order to not miss it, or is it OK if it is sometimes :expressionless: or :frowning: before it catches back up to 1…?


No problem, it’s normal; I have the same behavior and I never lost a block;


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I beliefe it depends on how long one runs out of sync. Taking a look on my Metrics I had a 5 Minutes on 21.2.2021 at 21:45 - 21:50 timeframe where no new tip was arriving at my Node (see screenshot below).

So I’m wondering if this is still OK or already would be a problem? And if it is a problem what can I do about it? My assumption now is that my latency primarely depends on the Peers I’m connecting to.
Adding another relay with a different set of peers might decrease the chance of running into such a scenario. Or was there just no new Block generated in the according timeframe?

Absolute Slot Height: 22377550
Can anyone take a look if you also had a similar delay between Slot 22377550 and 22377925.
If yes, maybe it just took a while until a new block was produced?


Good, so it’s not an issue of my node, rather of the one who was meant to produce a block.
Or what is your interpretation of it @Alexd1985 ?

I think the issue could be ur first remark;