Questions about Cardano Foundation

There have been many questions for the Cardano Foundation and as always, the project strives for transparency. We have taken some of the most commonly raised questions and concerns of the community and provided answers. Please have a read and do understand that follow ups will take some more time to prepare.

Q: How much ADA did Cardano Foundation receive at project launch? Why were funds moved at one point?
A: Cardano Foundation will publish their ada holdings to clarify this. In the meantime, it should be noted that Cardano Foundation’s ada were transferred from one wallet to another at one point in time. This was to ensure private keys were secure. During this transfer, no ada were spent or moved to other addresses, and this will be shown in the coming statement.

Q: What was the partner agreement with Cardano Foundation?
A: The remit of the Cardano Foundation is laid out on the foundation website and was formulated through its original business deed. In this deed, it is listed that

The Foundation’s mission is to the promotion of developments of new technologies and applications, especially in the fields of new open and decentralized software architectures. It is the aim that decentralized and open technologies will be developed, nurtured, promoted and maintained. A dominating but exclusive focus is set on the promotion of the development of the Cardano Protocol and the relevant technology to it as well as the promotion and support of applications using the technology or Protocol.

Q: What is happening with the Technical Audits?
A: Cardano Foundation will be reviewing and tackling this in 2019.

Q: What is happening with the debit cards and ATM’s?
A: Cardano Foundation is actively working on several cards and ATM’s. And in case you missed it, Emurgo has a project with Metaps which has launched an ADA card in the project.

Q: Will Cardano Foundation be setting up partnerships?
A: Cardano Foundation will aim to do partnerships with academic institutions for research (for example, in treasury research), with lobbying organizations with regards to the regulatory environment, with think tanks to study the space, and with private companies who are relevant for the overall development of the space. They have already set up partnerships with the Blockchain Federation in Switzerland and Crypto Valley.


Must have cost them at least the transaction fee :grin:

Looking forward to have the foundation answer this questions / concerns, but even more to them picking up steam in 2019 together with IOHK and Emurgo.


Can’t agree with you more Josseh80. What has changed on CF website since 14 December 2018?. Why delays in giving a comprehensive statement? Has the CF had board meetings when? or are they just random? Will there be a quarterly report? Is there a road map/work schedule/Time table for programs?. Straight forward answers and interaction with the community in a transparent way on equal terms should be the norm. Looking forward to what’s left of the year, as time flies.

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Who were asking these questions?

Are these from the Community? Can you please share references?


Thanks for this.

I had the idea that the Cardano community was more or less an extension of the Cardano Foundation, that the foundation would be working directly with the community, as a liaison between the community and IOHK. Wouldn’t such a system hold truer to the whole decentralized operational model than the current situation, which looks a lot more like an “us” and “you people” set up?

It would be cool if there was a route to officially present projects looking for funding. Right now the venues to funding are very strict, requiring the community to fulfill certain requirements laid out by the C.F. While this is a step in the right direction, it’s quite a limiting step.

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The very fact that someone from IOHK is dealing with all of this, instead of an actual Cardano employee, speaks volumes on the state of the C.F.



How many of those complaining know what’s involved in reconstructing a Swiss Foundation that was previously run by a corrupt Chairman?


@RobJF I believe I can at least moderately appreciate the issue on both sides. But as much as the community can continue to extend some patience, someone from CF could pop their head up and just give us 3 sentences about the fact they are working on everything and they can update in more detail by date x.

CF has been a vacuum from the start. Passionate people doing their own things in this vacuum is creating the sense of frustration that paid organizations are doing less (zero), including communicating anything at all to community facing social channels.

The community should extend understanding to things not being done yet as an extension of the bad leadership, but CF now really needs to speak to the community, even casually, even just to say hi.


Do you know? :slight_smile:

The only complaint really is that there is no proper Communication to the Community. How much effort would it take a Cardano Foundation representative to stand out for an AMA, where he could make a short intro, speak about what’s happening and cherrypick a few questions?

Especially as Pascal promised already two times that such an interview could take place, it’s unacceptable not to stand out shortly into the spotlight.

People just want to see a face, hear a voice and feel comfortable with a message. No one really wants to know about the depth of legal proceedings, that’s not the point. It’s not about the progress, it’s about the respect shown to the Community by a dedicated interactive communication after all the 2 years of inactivity of the Cardano Foundation.


I do, and your point is?. Interesting have you inside knowledge that was not shared with the community. Did he steal money or found guilty of nepotism as rumoured ?.

I was the one who tempted him… :wink:

Picture me highly impressed :smile:

Wow caught with your pants down again Rob. :joy: I hope CF / IOHK and Emergo are watching you very closely.

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If they told us we would know.

I see it less as complaining and more like questioning and commenting.


I believe everyone is dedicated to the project and doing their best.

And I’m frustrated.


Please explain why you have hidden my post?

When you say the community has flagged you mean the people that want to run the community is what it looks like at the moment.

My post directly answers the post’s of RobJF giving clear facts of what he wrote on his post and revealing to him that he was now caught been a hypocrite (word he used to describe others) and that according to himself judged on his finding of others that he is Corrupt ( again a word he used to describe others).

CF need to get their act together, silence with no action against this perpetrator is unhealthy for this community.

CF needs to also look into the nepotism issue as it is clear there is consensus within the organization banding together for mutual benefit against the community.

Actin needs to be taken he is no ambassador for the community or those that have supported his wrong doings and yes they have condone his actions.

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@Nathan_Kaiser please help and have a look into this @knysna is referring to. Many Thanks.

In response to the dispute above, it was noted in the community team’s response that there were lessons learned and rules were amended. Previous rules did not cover the inappropriate acts that were performed on ‘both sides’ of the argument. The response clearly stated that we would be moving on and starting fresh. This includes all individuals involved. If rules are broken from that point, actions will be taken. Again, let’s move on and focus on the good of the project.

As for the questions, they were collected over a course of time including before the change at Cardano Foundation’s council. Some questions were paraphrased for ease of providing answers and so that they are not taken out of context of larger discussions or threads. Questions come from all of our official platforms such as this Forum, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

And though I am an IOHK employee, I can confirm that the community team has been working closely with CF (for example, in helping get these answers out to the community). Please do understand that things will take time and the members at Cardano Foundation and its council are working hard on getting back on track! :slight_smile:


Hi Maki,

I don´t think you understand the need raised here.

We had Pascal explicitly agree two times to provide an interview (last year November and December), nothing happened since without any explanation from his side.

Some representative of the CF should stand out and provide a live AMA, with short intro, overview, plans and pick a few real questions to be answered from the Community. It´s not about showing progress, but showing a face, hearing a voice and listening to a message that would comfort people. It´s like meeting your stakeholders / shareholders, which we eventually are.

The Cardano Foundation is for the Community, and there is no excuse that for 2 months we have not seen any leader stand out for such a Community session having the past history of 2 years of inactivity & Babylonian Captivity (as Charles called it) and complete ignorance for Community interaction by Mr. Parsons.

You might have the best performance in the background, but the Communication should also be solid in the foreground.

Regarding the fresh start, obviously looking at this thread and our Watchdogs introduction one @RobJF is still very much struggling to put things behind… please have a talk with him.

As for “the inappropriate acts that were performed on ‘both sides’ of the argument”, please send me in a private message the acts on our side, which were qualified into this category, so we can do an extensive internal lessons learned session in the Watchdogs Team. Many thanks for your support & input on this.

For your information, we do focus on the good of the project, but obviously you have not read the Introduction Slides of the Watchdogs ( Any feedback on that would be of big help and highly appreciated.

Also we look forward to partner up with you on the Watchdogs statistics which @Eystein_Hansen has shared for the last few weeks. ( You do have access to much more statistical information you might help to enrich this report and be more accurate, with some smart analytics to allow for better trend identification. Would it be possible to collaborate on this initiative? We would mainly like to have some data on user engagement from the various Cardano Channels we could add to these reports. Can you please help and translate our wish for collaboration on statistics to the respective parties (IOHK, Emurgo, CF)?

As a suggestion for the future whenever questions are collected from the Community, we should possibly use the Reddit channel and see which are the highest voted ones (or the same here in the Forum), this would help to make a reference & eligibility for questions to classify them as Community ones.

Many thanks.


(heavy workload - finally getting around correcting the errors by the spell check - a gift and a burden… - thanks everyone!)

Hi everyone! All interesting stuff. I will later revert on Twitter to Bert, then Bert can have an official answer :slight_smile:


Hi @Nathan_Kaiser thanks for chiming in and for your quick response.