Questions about smart contracts and Goguen

Good day to all the dedicated community members.
I would really wish to know when the below will be implemented :wink:

  1. When will the smart contract mainnet be launched?
  2. Is Goguen the most crucial part for Cardano to be finally usable in terms of smart contract execution and dapp building?
  3. When is the timeline for Goguen to be launched?
  4. Without any running smart contracts/dapps, Shelley staking supposed not generating much reward?

May i know is anyone generous enough to share the above information to me, sorry if i am not good in understanding or got confused with the relation between smart contract and dapp. A thousand thanks.


Hey Rick even though your question is irrelevant with the thread topic, but here is my answer for you, hopefully it will help!!

no idea yet, it seemed there’s no announcement of the estimated date, but you can always check roadmap to see the progress %. They do have 2 testnets online for EVM and KEVM I believe.

Yes, Goguen is all about the smart contract/Dapps and interoperability, which also includes the brand new languages of Plutus and Marlowes.

same as Q1, no idea yet

Yes, most rewards/incentives, I would say 99% of them, will be coming from the monetary inflation.

I believe you can find more useful information at Beginner and Education sections :wink: :

P.S. Please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Mihori for your details explanation.

Sorry to comment out of the topic as I really can’t find much information regarding Goguen mainnet launching date, shall wait for upcoming roadmap update in this case.

Got to know that Charles and IOHK will only be with Cardano until 2020, does it mean all the roadmap including Basho and Voltaire should be completed by 2020 ideally?

By the way does it mean we also cannot track Cardano tps for now?

Thanks again, your help is much appreciated. God bless you.

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Yes, you are right, 2020 was the plan.

Ya, i remember from couple IOHK scientists speeches/interviews, the current TPS was at 100ish level at lab environment long ago, it should be better by now.


Thank you very much for these info, it really helps :slight_smile:

Answered here: Is Goguen the most crucial part? When will it be launched?

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