Be very cautious with every investment and do your own research but please don’t list people as bad or suspicious based on where they live or what nationality they are. There are frauds in every country as there are good, honest, hard-working people in every country too.


NO code on github, never heard of since three weeks ago, only some marketing posts, No TEAM , just one obscure Linkedin account from NIGERIA. Arrogant mods on telegram. Funds go to a private ADA account with a promise to send their coin back…

OPEN your eyes and stop being politically correct… IF it walks , talks and wags like a duck , it’s probably a duck…


Hello all this looks like Plutuswap which is a scam almost everything is the same… Just send your ada and stuff like that. I have burned myself on that project so this is a big no no. You must unveil your team, there is no support from iohk or emurgo which legit projects have. Ama does not prove anything nor your cute demo.

Worst of all I saw this on Cointelegraph!

I read their white paper and noticed no team information. I joined their Telegram to get more information. They flat out told me that they are not going to reveal their team. Ok. Can you at least list the team’s experience without revealing their identity? Again, they said no. Now, all my comments and questions in their Telegram channel have been deleted. Transparency and anonymity are two different things. These guys are intentionally confusing the two. I have twitted about it to warn people to do their research before handing out Ada in pre-sale.


This is google suggestion today

[Utoday news about RavenDex
Link removed by @napoles]

I am very disappointed that people write about project. Can someone from iohk or emurgo comment on this matter I have already burned myself on Plutuswap scam

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I got that on my Google cards this morning too, couldn’t believe it

Very bad for Cardano community. I do not understand why and how big media outlets write about this stuff. Inexperienced users will be tricked with ease. Someone should take proper actions against this type of stuff. It is complete different story when people stumble upon scam on forums, telegram groups etc.

Its lazy journalism…no independent research…just copy, change slightly, and paste.
These journals need prosecuting for pushing yet another Nigerian scam.