Redundant BP Nodes?

I’ve searched around a bit, and I’m only a bit into the configuration of a test node, so maybe its obvious once I get deeper, but if the requirements are that a relay node and a BP node must be on 24x7x365, and the most obvious way to make 0 downtime is redundancy, shouldn’t I be able to have redundant BP nodes? I see I can setup multiple relays which is great, but the single BP node means you pretty much want a cloud instance for your BP node, that or redundant power to your server, redundant internet connections, etc (things cloud providers provide) whereas redundant nodes means I can work with others to place backup BP nodes at various locations throughout the country. Again, I’m fairly new to cardano, (a work colleague was looking for a partnership as I’m a software engineer, and do network setup/maintenance for work.). I’m not new to cryptography, but I’ve only dabbled with cryto currency. I do want to be as lazy as possible (just like at work) by building systems that tolerate faults, so they can set an alert to tell me I need to work on them, but they’ll run overnight until I wake up and see the problem :slight_smile: If thats not possible, than a free AWS instance for the BP node isn’t the end of the world, or even a small paid node…but that as a single point of failure still makes me nervous :slight_smile:


The Producer should be online/sync when needs to create the block so… there will be no issue if from time to time ur producer will be offline (if has not blocks asigned).
Of course it’s better to have another node in standby ready to work as a producer (u can configure another private node for this - configure as a relay but don’t register it)

Some one shared a script for Producers
!!! Remeber u can’t run 2 Producers same time !!!