Registration with only `--multi-host-pool-relay` i.e. without `--pool-relay-ip4` and `--pool-relay-port`

Is it possible to register a pool with only the --multi-host-pool-relay option i.e. without specifying the IP addresses with --pool-relay-ip4 and the ports with --pool-relay-port.

I have tried to do it after setting up the SRV DNS record. There was no error in generating the registration certificate and transaction was submitted successfully. See the registration here:

But does it work? Even after 12 hours I can see that there are no incoming connections on my relays. I checked with netstat -tan | grep 3001. 3001 is the port that I am using for the nodes.

If this works then this is best way to configure. Because then we can spin-up new relays without changing the registration. We can do this by adding new relays to the SRV DNS record.

Looks fine, check the port (if it’s open) for the 2nd relay


And port is open. I haven’t yet ran the topologyUpdater script from relay-2 yet. May be that is the reason for TODO task on

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Hi @jangid,
How did you configure the SRV DNS record?
I tried creating two SRV records for my two relays with _tcp.relays as the protocol value in both. Doesn’t seem to work correctly.

I created a new DNS record of type SRV. The record is still there. But I am no longer using it. Because that was not showing up in the topology.json file at the explorer. But may be that I should have waited for a longer time. Here is my SRV record:

name  :
type  : SRV
value :
       1 20 3001
       2 10 3001

and the records relay-<n> are simple A records pointing to public IP addresses.

It is possible that your DNS registrar is not providing an interface to create an SRV record. Then you need to ask them. It is a common issue with various registrars.

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Thanks for the replay. In the end I also didn’t go with this approach. Turns out my domain provider doesn’t have a way to set the values like this.