REST API for accessing transaction history of an address

Hi all!

I have tried for a (very) long time to find a public API that can access the complete transaction history of an address specifically. Does this even exist?

And yes, I have seen this site: cardano-explorer-api Documentation
First of all, it seems like you need to install the API locally, and even if you do there seems to be no endpoint that returns transactions filtered by address.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

I’m no expert, but I believe any REST api would have to be tied to a centralized entity, since it’s just sending requests to some regular html address. Someone would have to build the system and host it indefinitely, and could presumably alter data before sending it to you.

Again, I’m not an expert on RESTful APIs, but I find it unlikely. Then again, I’m still a little fuzzy on the exact mechanics involved with how transactions are passed from user to chain, so maybe it’s not actually an issue of security as much as just a lack of development for using REST with Cardano? Hopefully we’ll get some clarification from someone more knowledgeable.

Not sure where you have searched, but you can search for address summary as per that API endpoint documentation at

Ideally, yes - you should run a node and query a local instance to not have dependencies. But sounds like you’re not interested in doing so, so you can use the above.

Not really, the features all exist, to either run own instance and query locally OR query explorer using public URLs.

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Thanks a lot, works wonderful! Really strange how I didn’t find this myself… :blush:

(I suspect I was looking for a different response example than shown in the documentation)