I was looking at - Calculator
And I am creating a stake pool by staking 500 ADA to get started with.
I am going to host 2 nodes on AWS and they should be fairly reliable.
Based on calculator It feels like I will early ~54k ADA by year end(after deducting daily fees). Have I understood it correctly?

There is a 68 ADA fee daily. Is it deducted daily? And are the rewards also deposited daily? And when can the rewards be with drawn?

Hello @green-miner

The numbers you are talking about are default numbers set in online calculator. If you click advanced button you will see that these are based on full saturation which is 64 million ADA invested in your stake pool at 2.5% stake pool operator reward.
Unless you already have lined up 64 Million of ADA willing to stake at your pool at 2.5% fees you may want to check for a bit more realistic % fee level and adjust your pool stake at level you believe that you can get funded.
If you don’t have anyone ready to invest yet, you may want to consider starting at 0%, then start increasing.

In this post we explore what you can expect to a reasonable degree. Delegating is often not such a bad choice, especially when you choose a pool that only keeps what it actually needs.