Roadmap to become a dAPPS developer on Cardano

Hello, my goal is to eventually develop a dAPPS on Cardano. I have been in the biz of centralized apps for 20 years a few decades ago.

Is here the right place for me to get help in designing my roadmap to success, If not, where should I head first? I already start reading at

Hi @claude, i suggest you join the cardano telegram developers channel.


The are plenty of developers on here. You should check posts made by:

@werkof , @vantuz-subhuman, @_ilap, there are a lot of videos by @SebastienGllmt who does a great job explaining the code in the git repo.

Good luck.


Thanks Bullish

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On Telegram developers channel one guy contributed python based tools aiming to re-interpret official formal specs

@mjackson001 has posted a node/js/web3 based script to connect and use the kevm based testnet
Working KEVM smart contract test script
It creates an account, requests test tokens, compile and deploys a solidity contract and makes getter and setter requests.


Thanks werkof, more food for my mind in the next year! I appreciate.

Not to forget about
Gives an idea on how cardabo wallet addresses can be generated (even offline)

@werkof Thanks for the links!