Ross Pettitt - Platform Statement

Do you have, at least 6 months, or more experience in Project Catalyst?
Yes around 1 year 2 months

Describe the Community Roles in which you have participated at Project Catalyst (e.g. Voter, Proposer, PA, vPA, Challenge Team, etc.)

What key ideas or issues would you like to champion as a representative at the Catalyst Circle?
Ensuring descentalization by informing people on how to delegate and why proper delegation matters. I want to help with policies that ensure the health of the ecosystem for many years to come.

How do you intend to measure your engagement?
I can report however is needed by this circle. I can provide multiple reports if needed as well.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know as to why you would be a good fit for this seat on the Circle?
I have 6 years experience working as a public servant in the administration and operations departments. I know what looks effective on paper but, could have hang ups down the road. Bureaucracy needs to be understood from the lowest level to the highest level to work well.

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