Salute to all

Dear team

I am Pratheesh from Australia, basically an Indian and more specific from Kerala, God’s own country!

Looking forward learning more about blockchain technology as a whole and more specifically about Cardano. I would like to contribute to Cardano community the way I can.

Great to hear @Pcp1985 welcome to the forum!

Welcome @Pcp1985 :slight_smile:

Hoping to visit Kerala one day, it looks stunning!

Hi @Pcp1985 and welcome to the forum

Thanks… apologies I was actively involved in the verge community for some days and there are a lot of FUD/fake news we need to tackle… :slight_smile: I wish to be active here from next week, a lot of learning/whitepaper pending to complete, apologies! Also,@jonmoss if coming Kerala please let me know… happy to host you!