Self sufficient network on Cardano

Dear Cardano community,

I was wondering whether there are people interested to help me build the platform and tools for self sufficient networks using Cardano. An economy can arise which uses tokens within and among communities on their own terms and being very practical in the sense that it offers the tools for instance for local food networks, natural (tiny house, earth ship) villages and their network of suppliers of materials, and other essential elements of a self sufficient and natural world. This can be expanded to other areas if wanted and needed, for instance people offering their services and products using these currencies, but that might be for a later phase. First and foremost the tools needed for setting up these self sufficient networks.

Practical applications can be: for natural villages: the structures for attracting the money using either micro loans for the investment of the houses and other infrastructure.

The application for the food networks are about: acquiring the land with the community, issuing ownership contracts so that they’re community owned and different forms of community ownership around this. For instance and organic shop localizing their supply of food and expanding into their network and offering their clients the possibility to own their own food supply locally.

This can eventually lead to a different kind of going about money, where communities can choose different forms of investment and even choose to donate freely towards projects when they’re bringing much benefit to the community as a whole or when there’s obvious needs that need to be met.

Are there one or two developers who’d like to build this with me? So these communities can organize their projects using a new token and a different kind of economy as well as build their own resilient communities locally.

Okay, let me know if some of you are interested and would like to work with me to build this.


Ewoud Venema


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I am not very experienced with Haskell at this point, but I would be interested in at least coming up with ideas, spotting issues, and designing solutions. I would love to eventually work on the actual development of code, but I’m not to a point (yet) where I can do so confidently.

Hey Dubius, thanks for responding. Let me think of that. At this point I won’t continue this thread or pathway, but I might come back at a similar point where the same question pops up again. It’s kind of you to think with me and offer to help. For now let me close this thread and see what other options pop up for me.