Shelley Friends & Family launch a day before Bitcoin halving…is this coincidental, or a Cardano strategic free ride/ramp to Bitcoin marketcap and beyond?

Knowing how focused the Cardano management are, I just could not help but be somewhat bemused at the perfect timing for the launch of the Shelley on mainnet, Friends & Family start date of 11 March 2020, just a day before the Bitcoin Halving.

Bitcoin halving is a big deal in Cryptosphere, which is expected to see a significant spike in all Cryptocurrencies prices and as well as transactional activity over the next few months.

So, have the corporate Triumvirate of IOHK, CF & Emurgo decided that using the Bitcoin-Halving as a rocket booster for the trip to eventually reach Bitcoin marketcap and beyond? Seems a very logical inducement given Shelley full mainnet will be complete when the effect of the Bitcoin-Halving awareness will be actively globally promoted by the rest of the social media and the global news cycles. Especially if there is a significant upward trend in Bitcoin prices during the period of the Shelley mainnet rollout, closely followed by the launch of Goguen for Smart Contracts. With all the hype that the world will be having about everything crypto and blockchain, it would be a wonderful rocket booster for Cardano ecosystem global mass adoption strategy.

An innovative, efficient and user friendly functionality for the retail user to use in Daedelus, Yoroi as well as for development of DApps across many economic sectors would make Cardano become the leader in Blockchain just as Google is to Search Engines, Apple is to Mobile phones and Facebook is to Social Media.