Shelley Incentivized Testnet: 11th March 2020

We’ve collected the latest stats from the testnet. Click to enlarge the image and see how things are going.


Thanks for these stats! Can the weekly stats have the following added?

  • Total number of ADA rewarded over the last week
  • Average (or median) percentage reward per stake over last week

Great progress on the third month the testnet has been live! Shelley is coming…


Is it possible to provide a text version of these stats as the image is leff friendly for accessibility or translation.
Thanks for the update!
Shawn Squid Pool

Thank for good news from Cardano.

I wondered if is registered stake pool.

That would make no sense for them, they’re not interested in reasonable returns for genuine contributions, just in getting rich quick by scamming decent people.

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Thanks for feedback, you meal