Slot Leader

Hello team,
Is there a script / command to know slot leader position in advance so that stake pool operators can make sure not to do any maintenance activity during this period? If yes, it will be a great help to all of us here. Please let me know.

Thanks you.

I have actually the same question! Thanks for stepping forward.

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I remember seeing one of the metrics looking like that. Something like leading_next_slot something. I can’t check it now exactly, but your block producing node should know when it is up next for block production

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OK. As slot leader is selected for an epoch, we should know slots for all 5 days in advance. In that case it will be more than one value with exact slot numbers from which we should be able to derive UTC date and time. I hope some of our senior members here already has answer.

for me it seems that there is no such functionality in cardano-cli right now

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I tested the switch over by making passive node as leader but the passive node needs a little time to start and connect to relays as leader during leader node outage. This time window is critical even if it last only for 3-5 min as we could miss blocks.

Looking for expert advise here for zero down time deployments.

Thank you.

As @laplasz mentions, we do not have tooling for this yet. There is an open issue since may in the github repository. add your “thumbs up” there to hopefully push this along:


Thank you for the information. I will follow up in github.