Space X successfully launched Starlink satellites


Iā€™m imagining satellite TVs from past decades, but with the TVs as computers and the signal is wifi. This also helps blockchain adoption in rural corners of the world. Exciting times.

Yes biggest difference is for data you need an uplink and downlink for bidirectional communication. With Satellite TV you are receiving transmission only. This will limit total number of users in a given area to some degree with this system, but yes exciting times ahead.

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Another big difference is that TV satellites are in Geostationary orbits with one way latency of 150 milliseconds. So sending up to satellite takes 150 milliseconds and sending back down to receivers takes another 150 milliseconds.

Space X coms satellites are in near earth orbit (NEO) with one way latency of 4 milliseconds. So the up and down trip takes 8 milliseconds.

NEO gives better speeds at the expense of area covered. However, with 10K satellites I doubt there will be any area on the planet that will not be covered :slight_smile: