Stake Pool Course


I’m following the lessons from the stake pool course (Stake Pool School - Stake pool course) EDIT: Please note that this course has been archived. We moved this whole section to the new developer portal on:

Right now I’m finishing the lesson 4 and I have the feeling I’m missing something

If I understood well the 3 first lessons are more related to get familiar using cardano-cli so that we learn how to create keys, stake keys and perform several types of transactions rather than operating the pool itself.

Lesson 4 starts explaining some concepts related to proof of stake and rewards and suddendly we jump to a video for generating stake pool keys. I think (maybe I’m wrong) is a bit confusing as I understand I first need to create a different vm (following the lesson 1 steps) for the block producing node and take this steps there, and right after starts talking about the relay and producer nodes,

Maybe is just me but I think maybe the course lessons are not organized properly.

So right now I have the relay node up and running and working, what are the next steps I need to take? create a block producing node, create pool keys …

Thanks in advance


I think this lesson only dealing with 1 node setup. So once you installed cardano-node, it can be started as relay or block producing node.
So actually the lesson is about how to create a block producing node. Once you finish with it, then you can build another node as relay described in lesson 1-3.
more about the connectivity between relay and block producer node
These lessons very similar to the instructions you can find in the how to setup a node guide maintained by IOHK as well: