Starlink beta test reports are coming in...So far so good

I remember talking about this in 2018 and thinking it was science fiction…


This is exciting news! Been watching this project myself.

When it’s finally available here in the Philippines, I’ll finally be able to do what I’ve been dreaming of for a long time - to build a house deep in the forest and live there, away from all the annoying people in the cities! :smile: …but still be able to easily go online and annoy those people back from a safe distance!

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That sounds pretty nice!

Here is another interesting project:

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Yeah, I think I’ve also read about this some couple of years ago, when they were still talking about plans for this. Good to see they’ve actually launched something already!

This is the Google project… I remember there being another one by Facebook also. Something involving either balloons also, or some gliding solar-powered planes that don’t have to land unless needed.

Space X is an amazing company! Starlink, The S9, and soon Starship and Super Heavy! I follow the projects daily at and

So excited for Crew1 this coming Saturday!
So excited to see the Starship fly to 15km soon! and then Super Heavy!

If I were not 60yrs old I would be on myh way to Boca Chica to get a job with Space X, if only to sweep floors. Perhaps I still might :wink: