Starting Cardano Wallet as a service

Does anyone know how to start cardano-wallet as a service on ubuntu?
Command that i use is this:
cardano-wallet serve --port 1333 --testnet $HOME/cardano/config/testnet-byron-genesis.json --database $HOME/cardano/db --node-socket $CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH


Hi @nemanjamil any luck o starting cardano-wallet as a service?

Without knowing the error my wild guess would be that environment variable is either not set or incorrectly expanding due to spaces or other invalid characters.

Try double quoting or echoing out values to debug …

cardano-wallet serve --port 1333 --testnet "$HOME/cardano/config/testnet-byron-genesis.json" --database "$HOME/cardano/db" --node-socket "$CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH"

Also just going to leave this right here: