State of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem: a Survey to Equip the Community

Participate in our very first annual developer survey!

The survey has been constructed to help the Foundation reach a finer understanding of our developer ecosystem’s current state. By collecting the feedback directly from you, a community member, we can better comprehend your needs and wants along with other builders.

Gathering this information will likewise provide a more accurate perception of key target areas for improvement. The results will be shared publicly so that actions can be taken not only by the Foundation itself but by anyone willing to make open source contributions or otherwise aid the improvement of the ecosystem.

The Annual State of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem survey launches today, July 13, 2022, and will run for two full weeks.

The Cardano Foundation encourages you and the entire Cardano and open source communities to take 10 to 15 minutes and answer the survey.


Shining a Spotlight on Hidden Champions

Besides the appraisal of the developer ecosystem as it now stands, the survey will perhaps also function as a way to showcase several existing projects that may currently elude the attention of both builders and the community at large. This might prove a unique opportunity to give them a well-deserved spotlight and bring them to the attention of builders who would probably not see them otherwise.

Read the full blog post for more information on the survey.


Thank you all for your continued support!