Still no Constitution or Articles to follow, we need them

Our community needs to begin to start working towards articles or a constitution that guides the funds being distributed through the IOG project Catalyst, this DAO has a high need to understand that the wealth of the treasury needs regulation that prohibits harm as it furthers our ecosystem and community, the money flowing into the treasury will bring with it people that have no regard for what the community needs or want’s -yet they will find a way to receive enough votes to fund their ambitions, the only way to restrict the suits coming into the game will be by utilizing bylaws that restrict bad policy from bieng funded.

It is time to think about what the treasury should be used for and what it should be restricted from funding.
The impact Cardanbo has on the world is soon going to multiply, protect the original mission and stand for good, lets buidl a constitution for the treasury- it will not be easy, yet it is soo important to restrict bad actors from utilizing this protocol and its treasury that was designed to improve the world.

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While I will have to respectfully disagree that we don’t need this attention at this very moment, Cardano is starting to make headlines.

Cardano’s organic growth has reached such a rate that “Governance” can no longer be an afterthought to “Scalability”, if the pool-splittings for the next K-parameter is anything to go by.

Voltaire can still be the Governance step, but I think Basho should have laying the foundations for the extent of governance as a primary goal.

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