Strange things after try to update to 1.32.1

Hi all, after following this guide for update the nodes to 1.32.1

in the producer node when I launch it show me


could someone please help me, I think I messed everything up!

Thank you


Wait for the node to start

Hi, thank you for your help.
ok, but is normal that it says Relay in the producer node?

and also cardano-node is not in this directory usr/local/bin/cardano-node
but in this /home/dasca/.local/bin/cardano-node

the node started?

the situation at the moment is:




the only problem is the different version… 1.32.1 and 1.31 on the relay

Ok, did u updated both nodes?
Perhaps the old binaries files (1.31.0) are used… please copy the nee bin files to the right place (compare with producer)

Thank you Alex,
yes I’ve updated the producer and the relay node (I’ve just 1)
why the producer node has this path
and the relay node this one

is this normal?


try on relay
which cardano-node
then move the new binaries into the right folder.

already done but I still don’t understand why the two directory (production and relay) are different.


me niether but perhaps when u installed the nodes… perhaps the location was changed… u can solve this by copying the file in the right folder but u must also check the path from bashrc file

ok thank for your help