Stuck trying to mint a new token

Hi, I’ve been trying to mint a new token in order to learn the CLI and the mary fork a bit better. I’ve got a node running and I’m following the tutorial here: Working with Multi-Asset Tokens

However, I’m having some trouble at this stage in the above page:

cardano-cli transaction build-raw \
       	--mary-era \
        	--fee 0 \
        	--tx-in dacb...7a5 \
          	--tx-out="+$LOVELACE+5 $POLICYID.couttscoin" \
        	--mint="5 $POLICYID.couttscoin" \
        	--out-file "$TX_BODY_FILE"

I’ve replaced the above values with the appropriate ones for my token, but I get an error saying:
option --tx-out:
unexpected “+”
expecting address

which is confusing, as in the example above, no address is given in the --tx-out field. Can anybody point out what I’m missing, or maybe point to a tutorial that explains with a bit more detail?

thanks in advance if anybody does know, and I look forward to getting more involved with the forum here!

Edit to add: if anybody has a template of a version of this command they’ve got to work, that would be very helpful indeed :slight_smile:

One needs to put the receiving address before the first plus in --tx-out. See Building and signing transactions — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation for an example without minting.

Also, the transaction in --tx-in should end in # followed by the index of the output being spent.

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