Support Cardano NFT world with in Catalyst Fund5 voting

Please support our community driven NFTdot io proposal in Catalyst Fund5 and retweet, like and comment on our Twitter announcement:

Vote us in Fund5 for 3 simple reasons:
a) NFTdot io allows you to create, sell/buy/collect NFT and Cardano native tokens without limits
b) Community Advisors trusted us as the best NFT app, proven by our top 10 position in the Catalyst Dapps & Integration category
c) Strong commit to charity proven by our Charity Program

What is NFTdot io Charity Program? I’ll let you know some of the key info:

  1. stake only with charity driven pools like
  2. donate NFTs with every new NFT launch
  3. strong commit to donate 10% of NFT sales profit

Anything you can do to promote us or vote us is much appreciated.


You have my vote :muscle::muscle::muscle:

… voted

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same here, Voted

Mine too :wink: