Sustainability of Cardano; Decentralized Organization & Governance for Cardano; Guardians, Priests, Doctors, Fighters, Scientists, Wizards, Inspectors


Yes! But also “Money is power.”


Passion is essential but it will not be enough beyond a certain level and for certain tasks, initiatives and projects.

Personally I have had around 160 hours of work, 3 days taken from job, couple of hundred EURs invested in the last 2 months. If you think such efforts are sustainable without compensation, just by passion & love, then you might be surprised at some point. Don´t get me wrong I am not complaining at all here, I did this invest by true love & passion not expecting anything in return, but I am also sure that it won´t be sustainable in the current constellation. And for the record there were similar time, effort & monetary invest from a few others in the group I am aware of.

Results don´t come without significant time, effort & monetary invest.

I am not saying that Charity Organizations are not effective, what I am claiming is that they have limited efficiency & reach and should tackle very specific problems.

Yes, unfortunately you are right about the corruption part, its in the human DNA, which is why you need good checks & balances.


not necessarily, having more tokens doesn’t give you any authority over anyone else unless of course they consent… but in that situation it isn’t really power, it is a voluntary engagement between two parties


checks and balances will ultimately be changed by bad actors, ultimately the organisation will work against cardano, it is only a function of time imho

i think it’s great that you’ve put so much work but i also think that the community has the burden of these roles, we all do, they should not rest on the shoulders of an individual, if cardano impacts the lives of people for the better there will be no shortage of advocates, influential people and open dialogue

i guess i dont understand why these issues can not be resolved voluntarily by the community


If we can find a way to implement the Rochdale Principles than am in favor.


Was not aware of the Rochdale Principles.

Awesome reference!

Thanks a lot for sharing this.

It’s super useful.


Awesome. I stumbled upon this information when researching International Co-operative Alliance and was amazed that something like this existed and practice for such a long time. Cardano is well position to take advantage of this structure everyone in the community should take a moment to read it. It would help others comprehend what you proposing.

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