The Cardano Foundation’s Delegation Methodology is Changing

sure that 25,000 ADA is not the same as 1 year ago. if it was I would say nothing about.
right now people would need to sell house to raise that money, not for me

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sure, in my case I could only mine a block when I had a 50,000 delegator for briefly moments. when he left us we couldn’t mine anything yet. so mine a block requirement makes no sense for small pools.

Great news! I am happy to fulfill all the criteria. Fingers crossed for me and other SPOs out there!

I don’t think there’s a situation when 50k ADA can make the difference between having the chance to mint a block and not…

I don’t know anybody that have spare 25,000 dollars to put on pledge now, I live in Southern Europe, its equivalent to almost 1 year of full qualified gross income.
take that into consideration now. people doesn’t have the same income like in US.

I’m 100% sure that made, I couldn’t mine a block previous weeks before. that delegation saved me.

At my new (last month) pool CDNC we have a 500ADA pledge. It cost as much as someone who set up their pool a year earlier, March 24, 2020, with a 25000ADA pledge at 2.35 cents USD. In fiat, it actually cost more. (Compare prices).

We have worked so hard to make this pool happen for our community, but cannot possibly raise a 25,000 ADA pledge without giving up all say in how to run the pool, and allowing in investors. Which isn’t the point of our mission.

We really aren’t sure how to proceed - we want to be part of decentralization, but to be independent. We haven’t minted a block, but we’ve put just as much work in as people who rushed in when ADA was less than 5 US cents. So far our charity contribution has been zero, but we are supporting the network as best we can!

I hope the group would consider looking at the buying power of ADA at the time of pledge.


That would be just be a coincidence. 50k ADA extra delegation would give you just a few more percentages chance of minting a block. Or did you have e.g. only 1k ADA delegated before? In that situation the 50k ADA would make a difference, but the fact that you’ve minted immediately after that delegation was taken into account, is pure luck.

Robust in terms of resiliency to attacks. To all people complaining about the pledge requirements I suggest you to read this IOHK blog post that makes clear why pledge and leverage are two important parameters.
There are many ways to contribute to Cardano ecosystem, not only by running a pool.

Disclaimer, I am a small pool operator.

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As a pool that was lucky to get your support @Cardano-Foundation, we would like to know when you plan to switch your delegation? We would like to inform our delegators as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

Hi, Cardano, This is PandaPool, I had registered my PandaPool from Epoch 251, I know it’s pretty difficult to buy 25000 ADA, because of its price is now more than $1, it’s my opinion, I’m not a rich man, but my first goal to explore Cardano’s World is setting up a mining pool, even to donate to Taiwan charities, but now I need delegation support, but I don’t have enough ADA, to say nothing of buying 25000 ADA, so the remaining ways are what I am currently doing, youtube, twitter or telegram and so on marketing method. I know running a staking pool now is not profitable, but I like to become a miner to serve every transaction.Probably Foundation could reconsider and decrease the amount of threshold. :disappointed_relieved:

AFAIK a pool with 100k delegated and properly configured has a very strong chance of making more than one blocks even, over the course of the past 6 months

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A pool with 50k has a probability of around 5% per epoch, while with 100k double that, so around 10%. Thus, around 100 days for minted a block or 50 days respectively. For one that is 6 months old is very likely that they might have minted at least 1 block by now in both cases.

However, I tend to assume most of the pools from 6 months ago are well known and grown to medium/large size by now.

The “validated blocks” in the past excludes all newer small pools! So is the message here, stop creating new pools as you don’t have any chance to survive?


I started my pool in early March, 2021 when Ada price is above $1. I’m from one of the developing countries from south east Asia where my yearly gross income is equivalent to $30k usd or 25k Ada, I managed to put all my savings 7k pledge + 4K = 11k delegated to my pool.

For me personally, to meet the below criteria it’s just impossible now, and had some hopes delegation coming from IOHK or CF, so that I can attract more delegators and come out of the vicious circle “no blocks no delegation”. Without that small and Individual operators has no chance of survival.

  • Hold between ₳25,000 and ₳2mn as a pledge
  • Have validated blocks successfully in the past.

If the intention is to have more pools across the globe and more decentralization. CF or IOHK should consider changing the strategy slightly so that it can support operators from developing countries who cannot meet the 25k Ada mark.


Appologies. I thought your program and that off iohk’s were the same.

This is not fair.
What kind of decentralization is this if you do not help the small pools?
This is frustrating :cry:

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Totaly agree with @lgbtqstakepool
This is why the pledge exists… :cry:

So true…

And we started a broad and wide campaign on Twitter and Facebook attracting new delegators. But only managed to acquire around 300K in Ada. Everyone will tell you (especially the content creators and multi-pool owners) that your business model is weak/wrong/whatever. The truth is, from Epoch 245 until today so-called Cardano Ambassadors open up several multi pools, where they just switch their delegators to not get saturated. Well, this is business, this is a shark tank, you win, you lose. The biggest issue is for me the time you are investing. Most SPOs having a full-time job and can´t afford additional 60 hours a week to promote their pool. So I guess the delegation methodology and some parameters had to change to really support a small pool. But Cardano is on a solid way to do this. Will it be successful? Only time will tell :wink:

Btw @mcvetyty and all the others: You can support our pool by delegating or vote for our project in Catalyst Round Fund5:

Big Thanks in Advance!


The longer delegation cycle is the most important thing. IWH Received a “surprise delegation” for 5 epochs :pray:, outperformed the expectations. But on the long term, it was no substantial help. 5-6 epochs is not enough to appear attractive in rankings (spanning 6-8 weeks)!