The Cardano Foundation’s Delegation Methodology is Changing

My best practice :

Are you serious? This cannot be the right way. Locking out ambitious people that want to help the network but just want to have their expenses compensated?

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@Stakepool_Germany this could give you some idea how to stay competitive as a small pool.

this is true.
for example if somebody can keep their costs lowest as possible like minimum VPS and very small advertising they can still maybe mine one block a year, fund the costs and still closes on green. I know that looks bad but in the end this is how It works today.

I’d say you need to compare it with “just delegating” (i.e. a model where you wouldn’t have the cost of running servers)

The network needs delegates too. It only costs less than 3 ADA with no recurring charges.

The decision to delegate over running an at loss pool seems like a no brainer to me.

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I really like that idea. It would help much more pools - while it’s not more work for CF if they’ve automated the process.

They awarded only 44 pools. Let’s hope for the next round.

I agree on this. There will be no perfect system. For those of you haven’t got this round, just hold on or maybe try to delegate to other pool to get some rewards and get back again later. It seems that you have to wait for another 3 months.
That’s just only my thought. No hard feeling.

@Cardano-Foundation check this out



I’m speachless… :frowning:

Thanks for picking that up. To my understanding the qualification criteria is not fulfilled any more and delegation should be removed. The key question now is, when will it be checked the next time?


if u need help in order to choose to which pool u should delegate, please next time let us , the community, to vote! We know better who diserve to receive the 15M delegation!


Just did some math. If they keep the delegation for the full 3 month, the owners of the CRO pool would generate around 200k ADA from that.

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@Alexd1985 I understand emotions run super high in crypto, but I dont think the election (which IS random and impartial given the rules) did something wrong with CRO. Yes - it turned out the SPO was malicious and delegation now needs rotation, but let’s not make something irrelevant out of it. The feedback for delegation strategy was asked from community itself :slight_smile:

My message was not an offensive one.
And I am a little nervous now, because CRO is a Romanian pool :face_vomiting:

I know you’re Romanian but why does it make you nervous?

Because also CRO is a PO from Romania :frowning:

Sweet Lord, Holy moly, lol… I’m not even think this can happen… I believe all human are decent. But, this, this is another level of human being. Lol.
I think Pool like that should be blacklist for the next 8 round. IMO. Otherwise, all Pool will follow that step. @Cardano-Foundation

No one and no strategy is perfect. Life herself is not fair!

However, it is utterly disappointing @Cardano-Foundations silence and passive stance!

In this delegation round there have been a couple of mishaps as they have been pointed out from the community.

What has CF done so far? No response at all! No active steps to fix these issues.

Do they owe a response to us? I guess no, but definitely it would have been comforting seeing some kind of response from them.

I am not trying to grumble but to point out, maybe wrongly, how a small pool operator must feel witnessing this going on and how important is to communicate with your community!