The Cardano Foundation’s Delegation Methodology is Changing

There is, it’s called ‘k’ and it’s set to 500 now. In the future, it’ll be set to 1000, probably later this year.

There’s a testnet for that.

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Than you should delegate and not run a stake pool. There’re only about 21,600 blocks in an epoch to be divided amongst stake pools. At the moment, about 22.71B ADA is staked, so you’ll need about 1.05M ADA delegated to mint on average 1 block each epoch. If you think you’ll mint enough blocks with e.g. 100k ADA delegated to be sustainable, you don’t understand how it works.

Pools with such small delegation can only exist for two reasons:

  • You’re an enthousiast and want to experiment with the protocol/network and don’t care that you’ll only mint a few blocks a year and won’t get optimal stake returns.
  • You think that you’re able to grow your pool to a point that you and your delegators are happy with the returns it provides.

In all other cases, your pool has no meaning and you should delegate instead, or maybe collaborate with other people that are interesting in starting a pool and you can trust and together start a pool that is sustainable.


Congrats to all lucky pools that are getting delegation support from CF that just started today! :partying_face:

28 April 2021 re-delegations by the Cardano Foundation

The stake pools the Cardano Foundation re-delegated to on 28 April 2021 are:

pool1mtvfxpeczh9gkgj42j30c5zgudnt6evns4gny07p8nml2qrthav DAD
pool1030vz0wxheg0dvarr8hmeavelpszmp52qucs68c7wc9uga6n6e4 ROMER
pool1g58rl2yvgf3ewek4psqjlh77q8z2m9f3rjz4mpf0zemmvrmn0et MAIN
pool14hsxa2zfwzvy9ncdjwnx0xkcltjmdydeayxfju7suuuewv0dnke KROM
pool1jm8s3r3xq4kpawavy096rqle964exle3lxwnpvx62wjnwadwd5l ENACT
pool1qcfzjvw0em6g02pwjqpnfh6260epge5ll3z37ckhcylsjuktkvp AXIOS
pool12u28yewx8ycf6dj77lzpj6vvhjwp6veh6kxpc63h8fqnqqtlwmu NOOPS
pool1l6hkustv67tynh66w46mys94wsxhwddgp28k3r5twwlsv80uw0k CASCH
pool1yq8xwvf856x3nyj348ghhwegwl8ggq87gjlp6wgy9ms9xznny84 IAG
pool1pzqdfptvl5f8vh28az37jag2wkfmqz9x8d6eufl8y0z9q34hlr7 VICE
pool1gha260s6hx855p49fc735w78p0kcp4hyxl8glymp5k5muk9jkgm NSPYR
pool1arsqn9w87wpqlm0sre66gs79dcs0jmwulytgke3vut7u62lttu7 LATIN
pool1dwz6exl0220n6zm5pp9ehnn4g2vtrwtxem0nvgcrl6amvnryp2g TROUT
pool1z26udkezqtry8xtca2u9f807ptf0llcv70rnr3j2357gqgrs79f TIG
pool156wg3relgtlhwu55z3wpqurtaprguefe9tzrakhuqyyc60553au ORKA
pool1rxpysk2ahxz442mqapv4shtrpaddw2lsuufdeg9gsjjn6gjr5tx GOT
pool13n97kqrn3rauruvq6kmqxmu9f3hwzq6rq06wf7lm8e2kvuuyr9t IKIGA
pool1x3ekgffp0azuc8mwtx5gh5jnu59epar75grwclex4l0u2w8qlzx AGIO
pool1fy5aaf5gz2646dghhm8u899mj6hyznn428sqhdx3tmqmsdy6rcz UWYO
pool1hdug72ukeepdxqxz0new8e3nhq5cykkn3prky9wgrz5tgyf4ty2 DAP
pool1nj6ywxadn9uky0fj457pflc5kdq0q3hz5ke6ut3u3at4k6uucv2 DD666
pool1kterawv22xya864tqjy9pq2ftmuptlggywtqt3p7adexg7qyl6u INDIE
pool1s2wsk5z4u0f2unmfyc8ye705adhwayv0wetlk24sawmyj5u74rn IDEAL
pool10wcmpvjmmv7ph7cz2263f52yckvnnwu5kdppwqgu74s2qhe7l7m 4TUN8
pool1sm2kmdn4f9rat3kl67y9drqcnnqc34zg4f4ufmnrfaj45gcv89d LTES
pool1uc7slfp47xzu7egusxlkvm63rxw2dhtm58l8e0m46anhvhaecr2 KLWNA
pool1y44fkeps7ftnnf495a7grfrwtt7hxcntaenyzu4x4vah5cud0mt CRO
pool19frt3kaxxk4vr4x3wnaapntu0ul0dsesu77wfqaawc5h5ffgfgt AGAPE
pool1n2yp66zk6m33sg8k20hsvmk9tw7xeeswzdcfxhnx9hm9jkxv5k4 ONE1
pool1tc0g4htxvzvg2z5c25ffq5ycukn9hjh3el5dzy767za2gukckee AMSC1
pool1e9tp0emvvg9sc4ds9h4nhwk8qpn6869qwnas2qywu9ep2reaaxe LORDB
pool12pvaxxcv3sgad5jqgfnggn337y76kp02uauptkufjjjes7nxwfm SVRN
pool1jpezycd8q3l6a255dv8wt7vpt4aay8llqakdn7vkum5swes4hu3 100x
pool18872nzahx0h2f7j58pxrn5rjektn8na8p4amv08x2xj8qkht30g MNKY
pool178yk6ddgn3z0d04mmdcth430hpp4pyx06jyelvh6xdkngm68rmk VOGUE
pool19ygh8apuc2qz0u9kr4wj9qj33xhw70n7z286xll0g6ltgccuq42 GHISX
pool1js570lkcs6t3pwsj3eda0zz43mc5gm922ae5rdxcfn84gu5uyrg ASSET
pool1yyv7vx5zhhsd60jp4tl72vpznwvpvjp35m4z7jr42ugkxmndyv5 AZTEC
pool1xwqye6mlftwjg706acz5fjqz7gmf4qdye99zsjl03a4ru68ghee ANET
pool1s9y50eucftrj0fw786rm3ljedpg8qry4ydq9kx23dv4px9k97t6 DUTCH
pool1eqj3dzpkcklc2r0v8pt8adrhrshq8m4zsev072ga7a52uj5wv5c OTG
pool1zfhww5y28t303z6uyq3w47pkhfmxww9dsn89vrxteplg2zjkekl CARE4
pool1yam2wu7nw384zjtset09u4ef75uy840mjru39nuhm0xaqj8lw78 NECTR
pool1dts0h87pntgmsffp6mjtnahfht2dz5zjjeeujhzmtn6wgctcuzd DSIO
pool1l6aeyn35nkqkn9lqqlwqnpraakdzuukjrqprcrj3sctk6hhe32k OYSTR


Congrats to all the winners :tada: :clap:

:rainbow: Congrats to the lucky pools :shamrock: :clap:

Congratulations! A new portfolio has been created for the new group (and all past delegation groups) on adafolio: Portfolio Details - Cardano Stake-Pool Portfolios | adafolio

First of all, congratulations all chosen pools! I just wondered why Cardano Foundation delegate 15M ADA to each of 44 pools, instead of delegate let’s say 5M ADA to each of 132 pools. I think that 5M is sufficient as a help to small pools.


0 is less than 5, so I hope that pools with 0 % variable rate are not excluded…

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Didn’t AZTEC pool already received CF delegation? I haven’t checked the other ones but I remember that pool from a previous cohort :thinking: I thought that the Foundation would exclude pools that already received the delegation


What happens in such a situation?

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It seems you are right about AZTEC pool


the rules says: “Have not been delegated to by the Cardano Foundation in the last four rounds.”

but to me it’s still not fair to the pools that haven’t been helped yet :slight_smile:


I agree!
With the number of pools increasing it seems unfair.

The rules need to be improved and reflect the current situation! :+1:


Indeed and they are perfectly upfront with the fact that they do this on their website.

I appreciate that we even have things like CF rotations but do these pools really need a boost in production?

I have nothing against these SPOs, I didn’t even know they existed until now, but NLD already has produced nearly half a thousand blocks and has been established since epoch 209 with a very solid stable amount of stake.
What was the rationale for bootstrapping DUTCH? Only wishing for some transparency here, no intentions of FUD.


Nothing is perfect in this World :slight_smile:
I am sure CF will fix this when they will see the messages :wink:


Sucks to see them delegating to such large pools while so many still struggle to get any sort of delegates due to their much smaller size. I guess it’s a whale eats whale world…


Congratulations to everybody choosen. I’d suggest now that situation is very different from previous editions that Cardano Foundation consider changing and aligning with new ADA valuation plus the number of pools now are beyond 2000.
I’m sure that reducing the amount but allowing more pools to be selected would be way more interesting than a large amount to just a few. The results should be helping more pools to bootstrap and make a difference showing delegators they can provide return on their investment.
Right now gaining delegators trust is the most challenging in Cardano stake pool operation, is not tech, is not upgrades nothing like that.
Gaining people’s trust is the most challenging if not impossible for many to achieve.
When you have a Cardano Foundation delegation you automatically show them you are somebody to be trusted.
I hope in the next editions they can consider reducing the minimum pledge because 25,000 ADA its just too much money to anyone outside US including Europe.


This thread has obviously attracted quite a bit of emotion :eyes:. I definitely TL;DR everything, but does anyone know if @Cardano-Foundation and IOG collaborate in an effort to ensure the upcoming IOG delegations don’t also go to CF delegated pools?