The Shelley hard fork: all you need to know

As a general rule of thumb - always store your seed safe and remember where you have left it.

I did. It just not easily accessible. Hence why I asked the question to determine if I need to make prior arrangements.

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We can’t wait to migrate our stake pool to mainnet. These are exciting times. I am glad to be a part of this project since October 2017. I have been waiting for Shelley. Bravo Cardano!!

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Yes. Pools which do not honor their pledge will have a very low ranking and will get to produce 0 blocks.

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No. All of your Byron wallets will be present in Daedalus. You will need to create a new Shelley wallet and use automatic funds migration feature. The UI will guide you trough this process.


Are there any rough estimates for when Ledger hardware wallet support will be available for Daedalus or Yoroi?

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Will the new version of Daedalus have the ability to create new paper wallets?

edit: Also will staking be allowed from paper wallets directly, thanks!

Talking of rewards, what is the process to obtain my rewards if I was delegating or staking on the ITN? And when? ---- But , can I claim ITN rewards from Yoroi wallet?

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I’ve just tried to restore my ITN reward wallet using the Yoroï option in Daedalus 1.1.0. After 100% sync, balance is at 0, so I guess it doesn’t work yet.

Hi, is the current Daedalus wallet at the mainnet version? It says 2.0.0.

This is the latest version. Please download it and be ready for the fork :slight_smile:


@Andy_Hendrikx ?

Thanks for this informative post.

Please close all running Daedalus processes before running the installer.

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Thank you. Appreciated.

Hi @darko,

Daedalus sorts its receive addresses from higher indexes to lower in the Receive tab in the GUI, meaning the first address appears in the list generated from some higher index e.g. m/.../0/20 and the bottom one is m/.../0/0.

But, that should be changed as the users usually use the top receive addresses that will cause the creation of a new 20-set receive addresses (due to the gap limit) each time when the user use the top receive address for receiving funds.

Happy Birthday SHELLEY :birthday:


Just to be crystal clear, I have now created my Shelly staking wallets in Daedalus Mainnet 2.0, it is safe to send money to them now correct?

One quick question: the 2.0.0 mainnet wallet specified a 12-word recovery phrase, but the post above said it would be 24 words. I guess it stayed at 12 words, but maybe the post should be updated?