Tool to calculate rewards for tax

Anyone knows a tool that can read your cardano address and calculate the rewards you get in summary per year?
It should

  • take the reward per epoche & multiply it to the €/USD price at the given time
  • then build a summary of earnings on bottom (per year)

You could take a look at
I use this tool for a lot of things, also saw it has a tax section but didnt use that myself yet.

Go to Grab a copy of your wallet receive address. Select the Export rewards data for taxes. Paste your address and go from there.


Thanks to User314159! Anyone who is interested, here the path to the download

  1. Button Export rewards data for taxes!
  2. Enter your wallet adress → search
  3. Klick on details (small blue arrow)
  4. You arrive at the url
  5. On the bottom of the page is the download button for certain years