Trim the tracing & logging in cardano-node 1.29.0?

#1 - Has anyone found which setting in the new cardano-node 1.29.0 options causes the appearance of lines like these in the log file (many repetitions of each pair, shown here in SimpleView logging):

[r1-sgp:cardano.node.*ChainSyncHeaderServer*:Info:536] [2021-08-28 18:10:28.93 UTC] fromList [("kind",String "*ChainSyncServerEvent*.TraceChainSyncServerReadBlocked.AddBlock"),("slot",Number 3.8607937e7),("block",String "18e5a882 d0ba62b08edc8d9369d35517de65abfa2ac5a0b3937e34d737c6770b"),("blockNo",Number 6171994.0)]

[r1-sgp:cardano.node.*ChainSyncHeaderServer*:Info:536] [2021-08-28 18:10:28.93 UTC] fromList [("point",Object (fromList [("headerHash",String "18e5a88"),("kind",String "BlockPoint"),("slot",Number 3.8607937e7)])),("kind",String "*ChainSyncServerEvent*.TraceChainSyncRollForward")]

With more logging & tracing options in this config release, we should have more control over this behaviour, right? But hard to reverse-engineer from just the text of the config file itself…

Yes, I know, we could set our logging threshold to Notice - but then we would miss other messages that we find useful. Also we could grep out the keyword ChainSyncServerEvent but would still then have the overhead of tracing & logging something we currently have no interest in.

#2 - There were 9 other new tracing options added to the template mainnet-config.json between the times node versions 1.27.0 and 1.29.0 were released:

  "TraceConnectionManager": true,
  "TraceDiffusionInitialization": true,
  "TraceInboundGovernor": true,
  "TraceLedgerPeers": true,
  "TraceLocalRootPeers": true,
  "TracePeerSelection": true,
  "TracePeerSelectionActions": true,
  "TracePublicRootPeers": true,
  "TraceServer": true,

The sound of these suggests more pre-release debugging of communication and consensus than anything operationally useful. Has anyone found more information about these or better yet a general source of where we can find a non-trivial index of what these options mean?

We still get the messages in #1 above even with all of these new options unset. We haven’t yet tried setting any of them explicitly to false. :sunglasses::pray:

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Check: TraceBlockFetchDecisions in your mainnet-config, I think having that set as true displays the above messages.

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We already have all these options set false as in the default configuration:

  "TraceBlockFetchClient": false,
  "TraceBlockFetchDecisions": false,
  "TraceBlockFetchProtocol": false,
  "TraceBlockFetchProtocolSerialised": false,
  "TraceBlockFetchServer": false,

… and from the text in the log file, I would have thought one of these options, but most of them are false by default (config.json default configuration shown here) and setting "TraceChainDb": false has no effect:

  "TraceChainDb": true,
  "TraceChainSyncBlockServer": false,
  "TraceChainSyncClient": false,
  "TraceChainSyncHeaderServer": false,
  "TraceChainSyncProtocol": false,

I’m going to consider this request in abeyance until we get a proper explanation of what these options mean: a community request that has been pending over a year now.