TX Help - OutputTooSmallUTXO erro

I am getting the error below when trying to send a transaction from my staking server:

Shelley command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ApplyTxError [LedgerFailure (UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (OutputTooSmallUTxO [(Addr Mainnet

Any one know what this means and how to resolve?


I am not familiar with this error but u can check last topics



If you look in the shelley-genesis json it has a minimum value set as “minUTxOValue”: 1000000. Perhaps you are trying to make a too small transaction?


Thanks, that was the issue. I was not leaving enough change after the tx.

Check the file ‘mainnet-shelley-genesis.json’.
The property, 'minUTxOValue": 1000000 states UTxO value should be atleast 1000000.

Make sure your tx-out and tex-in has atleast 1000000 each when building the transaction after fee.

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interesting topic. Does it mean, that it’s not possible to send token that is attached to UTxO with value lower then 2000000 + fee? As you can see in this address:

31844785d2985aa85b1a4ee5b13d2ac80f0e2e85ed855b06637098fed3064e24 0 1814567 lovelace + 1 7c1227310f8f3c85a17103de0a5aef409741bfba7e7018f406433034.TramCB1 + TxOutDatumHashNone

Is there any possibility to send the token or it is forever attached to this address?

Thanks a lot

You can send the token, you just need to include some ADA together with the token. If that particular UTXO does not contain enough ADA you just add another UTXO to the transaction.

Please read the links from the following post. It should explain it well.