TX Help - Unable to send transaction errors

Thanks, ill check that and report back.

yes that was a great clue to the problem I had, in the Coincashew guide, they have the same line as you. but I found I needed to remove the space on both sides of the + to make the calculation correct, weird, but did solve it after a little bit of testing, Thanks


Good that you solved it!

Strange. In bash and sh it seems to work with spaces:

$ currentSlot=50000000
$ echo $(( ${currentSlot} + 10000 ))

Which shell do you use?

xterm with zsh. so not sure if anything odd.

Works with zsh, here, also:

leeloo% currentSlot=50000000
leeloo% echo $(( ${currentSlot} + 10000 ))

Since it’s solved for you for now, probably nothing to worry about, but perhaps keep in mind, in case something like that comes along again.

I also used the CoinCashew guide.
Deleting the spaces around the plus sign also solve this error for me.
--invalid-hereafter $(( ${currentSlot}+10000)) \
Thank you