Update Cardano Node to 1.33.0 - for Coincashew users

You’re welcome BlocksWell!

You’re welcome StakeWithPride , glad this worked well!

Could you share some suggestions please, I am able to update Relay sing these commands but BP refuses to pick up 1.33.0 and always reverts back to 1.32.1.


echo’s out 1.33.0

but after stopping node and running:-

it comes back to 1.32.1 repeated process several times from beginning deleting cardano-node2 directory each time same results, even tried deleting cli & node from /usr/local/bin but still gets replaced with 1.32.1.

Any suggestions would be helpful thank you

Did you do step 5. between the two you are quoting?

yes ran stop and status to make sure node was shut down

What do

which cardano-cli
which cardano-node


1.32.1 I’m presuming something is failing during copy over to usr/local/bin but because i’m not getting any messages I can’t think what it is.

If you even deleted the ones in /usr/local/bin you probably have binaries of them somewhere else that get used before the copied ones.

…, which means you probably were not following the Coincashew guide when setting up the machine or did something else in between.

which should give you a full path of the binary that gets executed, when you run cardano-cli/cardano-node.

Either you do as @Gaia-Stake-Pool said or you just remove them, so that the ones in /usr/local/bin get picked up instead (and the next update goes more smoothly, because they are, where the guide thinks they are).

Yeah, you may have your 1.33.0 files stored in a different place. If you use:

whereis cardano-node
whereis cardano-cli

You can see where all cardano-node and cardano-cli files are located. Then you can manually copy over the new ones to where your cardano-node and cardano-cli are running from:

which cardano-node
which cardano-cli

Sometimes you may need to use “sudo” before your copy command depending on your write permissions.

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Thank you all for your help, looks like the location did move on the last upgrade to a new location when I followed one from Alex and I didn’t catch it.

But successful this time


Great, glad to hear this worked out for you stake-crypto-pool . Happy this was helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great job, I am another satisfied customer…

Thank you for the great instructions


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You’re welcome Erndawg , glad this was useful for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

After i execute this command:
cabal configure -O0 -w ghc-8.10.7

It stucks on this and doesnt move on?

Warning: Requested index-state 2021-12-07T00:00:00Z is newer than
hackage.haskell.org’! Falling back to older state (2021-12-06T23:34:30Z).
Resolving dependencies…

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I think that’s normal, it takes a long time in that step, it’ll also happen after the cabal build command. Just let it be, if it fails, the system will throw an error

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Yes, Andres_Quintero is correct. Just be patient with it and you’ll be able to continue eventually :laughing:

I waited more than hour and it didne move. So i updated cabal to and it worked smoothly. Nodes are updated!


Thank You, Worked perfect, saved me a lot of time.

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Dang, well great to hear that the newest version of Cabal worked out for you playaaa29!

You’re welcome captainleamo, glad it helped!