Manual Upgrade to 1.34.0 for CNTOOLS users

Here’s my guide for compiling and upgrading to Cardano Node 1.340 for CNTOOLS users.

If you would prefer a more seamless approach to upgrading, please take a look at @Alexd1985 's script. It can be found here.

Lets begin!

Cardano Node 1.34.0


@LaurenceIO LaurenceIO released this 1 hour ago

· 17 commits to master since this release



Node version 1.34 brings a number of important new features that will benefit stake pool operators and other users, including

  • a new tracing mechanism
  • a new command to query the local mempool
  • a new command to provide stake pool operators with their leadership schedule
  • a new command to check the validity of stake pool operational certificates (including verifying the KES period)
  • support for CBOR encoding in transaction build commands,
  • an option to output transaction bodies in ledger-compliant CDDL format,
  • an option to calculate the cost of executing a Plutus script,
  • incremental transaction signing.

It also includes a number of stability improvements, plus improvements to the performance of Plutus scripts.

Breaking Changes

To avoid increased synchronisation times, we recommended that Windows users DO NOT upgrade to node version 1.34.0. We recommend instead that they continue to run node 1.33.0. Future releases will address this issue which is specific to Windows.

Technical Specification

Minimum System Requirements

  • An Intel or AMD x86 processor with two or more cores, at 1.6GHz or faster (2GHz or faster for a stake pool or relay)
  • 12GB of RAM
  • 50GB of free storage

Prepare for Upgrade 1.34.0

  • If available, create snapshots of your servers
  • Upgrade a relay first!
  • Update your server/OS
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo reboot
  • Run
cd ~/tmp
  • Update Cabal
cabal update

Building the Node 1.34.0

  • Stop your node
sudo systemctl stop cnode
  • Build the Node
cd ~/git
sudo rm -R cardano-node
git clone
cd cardano-node

git fetch --tags --all
git checkout 1.34.0

echo -e "package cardano-crypto-praos\n  flags: -external-libsodium-vrf" > cabal.project.local

This takes about 45min, and the end should look like:

Copying unit to /home/usr/.cabal/bin/
Copying trace-dispatcher-examples to /home/usr/.cabal/bin/
Copying cardano-tracer to /home/usr/.cabal/bin/
Copying cardano-submit-api to /home/usr/.cabal/bin/
Copying cardano-cli to /home/usr/.cabal/bin/
Copying cardano-node to /home/usr/.cabal/bin/
Copying tx-generator to /home/usr/.cabal/bin/
  • Check your versions
cardano-node  --version

cardano-node 1.34.0 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev c23d5d319cd3276575c6ac32458516232e8d2c48

cardano-cli --version

cardano-cli 1.34.0 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.10
git rev c23d5d319cd3276575c6ac32458516232e8d2c48

Start the Node

  • Restart the Node
sudo systemctl restart cnode


Be sure to update you version of to v1.26.3 or later, as previous versions of gLiveView will not load.

Thanks for reading along!

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@Alexd1985 has found a solution for gLiveView while we await a new release.

Here is the solution:


I do agree it will be safer to wait a bit until all the fixes are in. Always a good practice to give sometime for a new release to stabilised. I will definitely try the new version in my dev env. Thanks @BlocksWell and @Alexd1985


anyway, it’s not recommended to modify/edit the file so if u have an issue please join this channel

Just tried 1.26.2 and it does work with 1.34.0 on one of my relays, will try the bp node later, but AFAIK the initial problem was for all nodes.

yes, better to wait for an update…

I’ve modified gLiveView script for avoiding the update proposal and for skipping that error (I had that error even on 1.33)

Still using the same script on 1.34

works also on bp node - i.e., version 1.26.2 is working with 1.34.0. Guess, they are also working on using the new leaderlog query instead of cncli.

There has been a new version of released (v1.26.3), which starts as usual with 1.34. Be sure to update your gLiveView!