Upgrade to Vasil Now - Let's get this done SPO's

If you haven’t heard 1.35.3 is complete and needs to be upgraded now.

We are decentralized if you didn’t know already and it is down to you as an SPO to actually upgrade your node.

Many projects are ready to go with the Vasil upgrade - For a great guide please go to :

Be aware you need to Install libsecp256k1 also.

22% of SPO’s have already upgraded to 1.35.3 VASIL. We currently need 75% of nodes in order for Cardano to hardfork to Vasil.

Let’s get this done people.


1.35.3*…just in case anyone gets confused!

Oops, no coffee this morning, edited👍

When ready, Updating Offline Nodes offers some suggestions on how to install the required libsecp256k1 library on an air-gapped, offline computer without connecting to the Internet.