Van (Cardano420)

My DRep ID (SanchoNet): drep19faveephy2ygzxdh3eawktxmzhyajtg98kyhjr9ns78c693fmtg

  • Name: Van (Cardano420)

  • My Goal:

I hope to engage with Cardano Community members from around the world, so I can contribute to the rapidly expanding global dialogue on how we can best guide the evolution of this incredible blockchain. My vote as a DRep will reflect the ideas, opinions, and desires of the most diverse swath of community members as I can possibly interact with and learn from. The multitude of social media platforms make connecting and sharing ideas easier now than ever before; this modern tool makes fostering an open and wide-ranging discussion feasible and practical. Implementing a nuanced, forward-thinking, and pragmatic strategy for Cardano’s growth is the goal of my work as a DRep.

  • My Approach:

    • Consistent Dialogue: As a DRep, I will always be communicating with my delegators via Discord and other social media channels, while also hosting regular scheduled online and IRL meetups for deep dives into governance action topics and concepts.
    • Educational Value: I am a student of Cardano and the great minds behind its creation and development. I will use my experiences as a DRep to create educational materials and content that helps people understand the many interesting facets of Cardano Governance.
    • Embrace Change: The technological innovation happening in this ecosystem is hard to keep up with, but that’s what makes it so exciting. As a DRep I will never surrender the right to learn, grow, and evolve alongside advancements in the dynamic realm of Cardano.
  • Qualifications:

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