Vasil's hard fork upgrade proposal has been submitted to Cardano's Pre-Production environment

Image courtesy of cryptobriefing

We’re happy to report that today IOG and the Cardano Foundation have submitted an update proposal to hard fork the Cardano Pre-Production Environment. This environment matches mainnet configuration and will allow the community to continue final-stage integration/upgrade testing before the final countdown to the Vasil upgrade on Mainnet on September 22nd.

For your reference, here are the key dates:

  • September 19th
    Mainnet update proposal needs to be submitted by this date to trigger HFC event on 22nd

  • September 22nd
    Mainnet HFC event (era transitions from Alonzo → Babbage)

  • September 27th
    Plutus V2 Cost Model available on Mainnet

With over 95% of testnet blocks being created by the Vasil node (1.35.3), the top Cardano DApps tested and confirmed ready, and top exchanges continuing to make good progress on their updates (now over 55% by liquidity), we are confident we are still on track and will be able to proceed with triggering the hard fork at the appropriate time.

Thanks to all the community who have helped us reach this point!

Thank you for your ongoing support!


You can follow exchange readiness on this IOG and CF dedicated Vasil page:

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I’m ready with my nodes upgraded to 1.35.3. :blush:

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