Voltaire dRep introductions?

Hello everyone,

I would love to bounce this idea of introducing a series of dRep (in sense of Voltaire not Catalyst😁) introductions on the Cardano Forum. These introductions could feature individuals, parties, or organizations involved with or interested in becoming a part of the Cardano ecosystem.

The concept is to feature one dRep each week/two weeks/three weeks, based on community interest and demand. These introductions would not only be posted on our forum but also shared with the wider community through the Cardano Community X account and other suitable platforms. This approach aims to increase the visibility of the dReps and foster greater engagement with the Voltaire system.

To make this idea a reality, your input is invaluable:

  • If you’re considering becoming a dRep, forming a party, or if you believe your organization would be an excellent candidate for a dRep, we’d love to hear from you.
  • For the broader community: Would you be interested in reading these dRep introductions on our forum? What kind of questions would you find most informative or interesting to ask future dReps?

Your feedback and participation are crucial in shaping this initiative and looking forward to your thoughts and ideas!

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