Voting on fund 7 starts a week later (Jan 20)

The date on fund 7 voting I noticed was ‘suddenly’ changed from Jan 13 to Jan 20. Where was this announced, I don’t see it in the forum, I also don’t see an announcement in the app, so, is there an announcement channel I am not subscribed to, and most importantly, why was it moved back by a week?


Hi @actionman ,

This is e-mail that I got from Project Catalyst newsletter:

Dear Project Catalyst Community,

Due to an unusually large number of potentially invalid CA proposal reviews, we’ve taken the decision to delay the Fund 7 community vote on submitted proposals, originally scheduled for Thursday the 13th of January at 11 AM UTC. The vote will now take place on Thursday the 20th of January at 11 AM UTC.

We appreciate this may cause some trouble and apologize for any inconvenience.

The process we go through when reviewing each proposal, highlighted a number of potentially invalid submissions which have subsequently been either flagged for further validation or entirely removed. This has left about 100 project proposals below the minimum review threshold of three reviews per the proposal. This threshold value is an important aspect of ensuring that each and every project submission has a fair and equal opportunity at the vote and is also a requirement of the voting app [Android / IOS].

Subsequently, we’re holding open the review submission phase of the process by a few days to ensure as many of these projects as possible reach the required levels needed.

As we move forward the processes and systems we are building for the community must take into account future growth and we are always actively looking at new ways to streamline and where possible automate. Ultimately Project Catalyst will reach a point where it is self-sustaining, but until we get to that point we will need to tune the systems as we go.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those who posed challenges, those that proposed solutions, the community members who work so hard to ensure quality, the community members who vote, and of course all those that have participated and contributed to the Project Catalyst community in other ways. Together we are building the future of decentralized governance for the Cardano ecosystem!

If you’d like to take part in voting for projects in future funds and haven’t yet registered, you can do so by following this guide - Register Here. We’re also always looking out for interesting projects, If you’d like to get involved in either proposing a challenge, learn more about Project Catalyst, or would like to take part and answer challenges posted by others through Project Catalyst, please subscribe to the Catalyst mailing list and join our telegram announcement channel.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

Danny & the Project Catalyst team

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I see. I will subscribe to the Telegram announcement channel.

Thank you for posting it here, much appreciated :+1:

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No problem, glad to help @actionman . Have a great day :coffee:

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