What is Cryptography, and how does it relate to Identity?

Identity management is one of the biggest concerns in the digital age where everyone’s data is stored on cloud storage, vulnerable to hacks. There have been increasing cases of identity theft which can lead to significant monetary and personal losses. However, with cryptography and blockchain technology, the utility of identity can be unlocked, without the need to pass information and documents on to third parties.

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a technical process in which a thread of data is secured by transforming it into a cryptic form that unintended recipients cannot understand. Plaintext, readable information is converted into Ciphertext, using algorithms and mathematical operations. Cryptography is beneficial for several purposes, such as keeping data confidential, ensuring the integrity of the data, and authenticating the identity of the sender and receiver.

Cryptography is exceptionally beneficial in securing identities as it ensures that only the intended recipient can access encrypted data. Identity-based cryptography is a term used for public-key cryptographic primitives where these keys only contain the user’s identity information. This process helps to alleviate the need for linking public keys to digital certificates of the identity of the corresponding users.

Do you think there is any platform working on Cryptography for Identity security?

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Atala PRISM https://atalaprism.io/app
It is created by Charles Hoskinson and is used by IOHK to help secure identety on eterprise level. Example: Acuant's new strategic partnership with IOG and Atala PRISM to offer enhanced security in the DeFi space - IOHK Blog

If you are interested in this space yo are in luck! They just started pioneer program for Atala PRISM: https://atalaprism.io/pioneers


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I know about a project called PhotoChromic. They are using a really cool method to protect against identity theft using Cryptography.

PhotoChromic is a protocol built by cryptographers to assign complete ownership and control of a user’s identity to the user. The project hashes government-backed identity verification and proof of liveness & personal attributes into the metadata on an NFT, a unique on-chain asset.

You can read more about here if interested :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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