What is the "Enterprise Address" used for?

Hello - I am importing a wallet into my producer node and in addition to the normal address, it’s displaying an Enterprise Address. Curious as to what that is used for (if anything) and whether I need to record it or not.


Hello @mcvetyty

Enterprise Addresses are for exchanges

Best, Sean


Thank you Sean! I do have two more questions regarding cntools - perhaps you can help? If I do “import” in cntools and import a Daedalus wallet using my mnemonic phrase, then:

  1. Are there any cold keys stored on my node? Do I need to remove anything from the node to protect my wallet?
  2. Is there any purpose or reason to “Encrypt” the wallet through cntools?

Appreciate your help!


  1. U can go, after u restored ur daedalus and registered the pool, to pool folder and check if u have those 3 cold keys created… if yes u need to keep them offline but be carefull to not loss them!!

  2. Yes, it is a good practice but also u need to take care to not loosing the password… what does this option? It will encrypt the files who needs to be protected… in case some one will hack u… u will find these files with .gpg extension in both folders pool and wallet

Hey @mcvetyty,

Unfortunately can’t help you there, I’m not very technical when it comes to pool set up and operation.

There are plenty of community members that are knowledgeable on the subject.

I’m sure @Alexd1985 probably answered the question.

Best, Sean