Why Cardano is Secure against Fake Stake Attacks

A study undertaken by a group of student researchers has found vulnerabilities within proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies affecting up to 26 coins, however, it appears Cardano (ADA) is not one of them! Cardano appears to be invulnerable to these types of attacks, due to the fact that the project team built ADA from the ground up rather than simply using an existing model, such as Bitcoin’s UTxO model. And not only does Cardano have a fundamentally different foundation, but that foundation is the result of multiple peer-reviewed academic papers, and an unprecedented collaboration between researchers and developers.

More on the study can be found here:

Read IOHK’s blog post on Cardano’s security against fake-stake attacks here:


Their official website http://decentralize.ece.illinois.edu/projects/ links to the Medium website mentioned above: https://medium.com/@dsl_uiuc/fake-stake-attacks-on-chain-based-proof-of-stake-cryptocurrencies-b8b05723f806 They don’t specifically mention the non affected PoS’s, like Cardano. And Publications http://decentralize.ece.illinois.edu/publications/ links to the paper http://fc19.ifca.ai/preproceedings/180-preproceedings.pdf

After asking one of the writers of the paper about any Cardano testing, this was his email response: “Date: vr 15 feb. 2019 om 19:09 Subject: Re: Proof of stake Cardano <…> we only looked at cryptocurrencies that were based on forked bitcoin code. That’s not the case with Cardano, so we didn’t look into it.”
The above mentioned papers are still accurate, but I was just wondering if they actually looked into Cardano.

PoS * ?

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Whoops, I correted my typo to PoS. Thanks :sweat_smile: