Worldbank issues blockchain-based bonds – possibilities of a crypto-based economy

The first article deals with bonds issued by the World Bank on a block-chain basis and the opportunities that arise when countries follow this example. The blockchain kings mentioned are, in fact, all commercial companies that hold patents on their technologies.

The article shows, however, that the first beginnings of the changes expected as a result of blockchain technology are now slowly becoming apparent. Blockhain technology is finding its way into the financial system and the economy and will eventually arrive in everyday life.

The second, somewhat older article shows some of the new possibilities that can result from the use of crypto currencies in everyday life. However, this must be approached skilfully and with caution so as not to unsettle governments.

So far, Cardano is the only open source blockchain project I know of that was designed from the outset to really support a global ecosystem in “rough everyday life”. In addition, the approach of working constructively with governments at a very early stage or jointly tackling projects with them – as in Africa – is very promising.

I therefore believe that Cardano will play an important role in the major changes in our financial and social system that will come with the mass adoption of the Blockchain. It’s all just beginning.


I like the article and positive outlook.

It’s really hard to see how it’s going to go. The first principles conservative approach being employed should be a sound plan, hopefully the land scape is conducive enough and not completely irrational on this line, in order to achieve acceptance and stability.

Here’s to keeping the faith!