Yoroi - Error received from server while sending transaction

Been getting this error all day when trying to send ADA - seems to receive it just fine. Weird thing is a friend of mine is able to transact so is this my issue or a server issue?


I’ve been having the same issue whether to send an asset or Ada for purchase.

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Hi @Gametimelife and @disaster,

Yoroi has sync issues sometimes.

Alternatively you can also use adalite.io
You can use multiple wallets at the same time without any problems.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it does sync issues. Even after I resync it, it still gives the same error sometimes. I want to move my assets to a new wallet but I have to wait for it to get fixed cos i’ll just get the error message :frowning: oh well. hope they fix it soon.

You dont have to move your assets to a new wallet!
You can simply restore your wallet using adalite.io or daedalus

All you need is your recovery phrase. just go to adalite.io and click “Mnemonic” and enter your recovery phrase.

If you need more help, feel free to ask.

OH! really?? that seems way more convenient. i’ll look into it!

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