Yoroi wallet is not available in india


I saw yore wallet in my App Store few days back , however now when I try to download its not available in india , could you pls tell me , when is it going to be available ?

Did you ask your Indian friends to double check/test what you are saying ?

Did they confirm you or you have a personal experience?

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@SebastienGllmt commented on this awhile back on Twitter. If it is getting blocked, it is because Apple or Google has deemed that it is a legal gray area on whether they can offer that app in your jurisdiction. It might make sense to contact customer service for the appropriate app store to get an explanation. It might also be worth trying to access again via a VPN and see if you can gain access that way.


This is my personal experience , now the wallet is neither on iOS nor on play store . If I go on to yoroi website and trying to download , it shows not available in your country .

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Wow. And when we know that EMURGO was focusing on India…