10.01.18 - A Cardano development update from Charles Hoskinson, co-founder and CEO of IOHK


Diego, I appreciate your frustration, but speed of development is far less important than quality of development. Anybody who has ever managed a large software project knows that there is a point of diminishing returns when adding coders to a project. After a certain point (based on the design specs and project complexity), more is almost never better.

There is nothing more complicated in human creation than a complex software project. To really understand the intricacies of a project and to be productive while simultaneously producing high-quality code that minimizes breakage is a task that small teams are far better at than large teams. In fact, this is how most of the largest corporations on Earth allocate their coder teams: Typically no more than 6-10 people per team, just like Navy Seal teams.

In large projects, each development “team” is a highly concentrated unit of talent that is focused on a particular discrete component of the project. When Charles says there are only a few people on a given task, he’s speaking within the context of real-world software project management and implicitly acknowledging that smaller, leaner, focused teams working in a very focused area of the project will always produce higher quality results over the long-term.

Regarding marketing: I love the fact that Cardano is not actively promoted because it means we can continue acquiring our ADA at prices that are below its intrinsic value. I understand many people want to see their holdings explode “to the moon” (that always makes me cringe when I see people say that), but respectfully, pushing the team to hurry up because you want to make money from ADA is like telling a cancer research company, “Hurry up and cure cancer because I want to get rich quick!!!”

Cardano is the solution to a long list of humanity’s most urgent problems and the team is executing in a way that is incredibly fast compared to most other large software projects. Moreover, they’re executing with complete transparency and integrity, which should be astounding to anybody who has ever suffered the torture of managing a large, complex project. So, talking about a “cryptocurrency wave” seems quite short-sighted and disconnected from the reality of software project management in the real world.

Please don’t interpret any of this as an insult. I know your intentions are good. I just want to add a little perspective from the viewpoint of somebody who has been involved in many complex projects over the years. It’s incredibly difficult, but the team is doing an exceptional job, which is worthy of our praise and patience.


So true lol I would hold off on marketing until the kinks are lined out


Let the technology speak for itself :slight_smile:


Charles, Thank you for your honesty and transparency, it is refreshing. I am sure everyone would rather the team take the time needed, and get it right. It shows professionalism and good work ethic to produce a quality development other than a rushed improper code thrown out to appease a timeline. I am very excited to see each step of achievement to come.
Great job so far.


https://tothemoon.live/?IsPast=False&Page=1&Month=0&Year=0&CoinTypes=Cardano+(ADA)&SortBy=0 Important meetup today by the plan?


Hello Everyone, i’m new to Cardano forum.

I’m indeed grateful to Charles for solidifying our hope in Cardano. However, their mission in Ethiopia and Mongolia is quite puzzling to me from the business prospectuve. Don’t get me wrong I’ve nothing against the aforementioned countries but they don’t have huge markets where ADA could make itself known on a larger scale. Why don’t they try to find the niche to adopt to western markets, where business environment is more or less stable, its business operations overlap large parts of the world? By doing so they could sell themselves and then try to expand its operations in third world markets?

Thank you



I’ve never had a problem withdrawing from binance. Not once.


You will if Daedalus isn’t working, which is my case.


Yea…you can for sure find my rants about Daedalus. I’ve had to reinstall 9 times. Can’t transfer out of binance right now as I speak so trading Ada is in hold. My last update did go well though thanks to some other folks and deleting %apodata% wasn’t necessary.


binance withdrawals are working again @Michael94588


Thanks! Hope this can go to Nano soon