100% memory after 1.19.0 update

Is this normal?

I had the same bro. Stop the node and restart it, it should be OK, mine is between 1 to 3% now.

P.S Clean your screen! :wink:


Even after restarting memory usage is still 100%.

P.s will clean it lol

Is 1.19.0 fully approved yet?

Seems like you only have about 1Gb of RAM… that’s expected to be all used up… our nodes consistently use around 2Gb under normal operation. That is, on 1.18.0; we haven’t tested the 1.19.0 yet.

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We haven’t experienced any problems with 1.19.0. We agree with @nimrod though. Also, your peers count is a bit high. IOHK devs said up to 20. You should be fine with 15-18.

I am actually seeing something very similar. Though, the node says it’s maxing out the ram at 656mb but I actually have 4 gigs available on the machine. Is the node not utilizing all the available ram? Is this just a display error? I’m processing transactions just fine and connecting to peers just fine.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 11.04.00 PM

Even running by itself (ie, without Daedalus) I would be a little surprised if cardano-node could run in a 1Gig of RAM.

This is normal. The node is even using less memory then the previous update

in the picture you have only 8% CPU Usage and 845MB MEM usage is fine, so no complains from my side :slight_smile:

The memory bar shows the MAX memory used… it’ s not the MAX memory you have…